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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

rrr1250 (member)

Hello, Its Electro. AJHQ changed my username on my new jammer, electrobrowniee.. So now I'm awfulpancakes. Anyway, I'm here with a scammer, rrr1250.

This is her saying, "contest outfit giveaway my den" I doubt someones giving away a headdress, pink long spike collar and wrist, and more.

In the first picture you see her saying, "its a trading comptetion"
In the second picture shes saying, "there are going to be three rounds" She also told us that the best trade wins the round. She had a rare helmet on trade which is a way of people trading a higher value of things. After a few people traded a girl one the first round. But she never traded her once. So im guessing the "winner" is her, or her friend.

She supposedly won the long blue collar.
2nd round came and someone traded there spike..
and guess what happened?

we got locked out. 
Sorry for this long post!
Jam, dont scam!

Status: 1 Harmed

1 comment:

  1. OMG that girl was meh buddy one time gosh how dare her gonna unbuddy her now.........

    -agent love