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Thursday, 2 July 2015

mdandrea (Member)

Hi guys, Alpha here! People like mdandrea really get on my nerves! Remember way back when the whole: OHMEHGAWD I HAVE A PEARLY TIARA, TRAYDE MEH FOR IT!!!!!1!11!!! Phase was all about in jamaa? This guy just had to bring it back :T As I was trying to get into wootmoo's I stopped by in another server I cannot remember at the moment. Everything seemed well, jammers were trading fairly, just talking and all until I see everyone yell UGH HE'S BACK! My first reaction was: Guys, Fman isn't back, calm down :T. Although really they were talking about this jammer. I guess he caused more trouble before I came in! Let's get on with the story!

So she started out, and I was going to just get the info I needed, report block, tell her some junk and leave but I thought I might as well tell her upfront you can buy them, and then see where the convo went off too after that. It was a bit odd because the only thing people were doing was getting annoyed, but no one actually said that you can buy them, or those are fake. They just watched... and I think that's the problem these days. If you think about it, the scammer is the bully, the people in jamaa are bystanders, and anyone who falls for the scam is the victim. The "bystanders" wont say anything because they just don't want to get involved. A while ago I think last month I asked a few jammers why they wouldn't talk to the scammer, or say what they were doing is wrong. More then half the people said that they didn't want to be reported. Maybe we should look into this? Jammers need to feel more safe maybe?

After this she pretty much left, then came back just moments later as a llama, with a green tag saying NM ARCTIC WOLVES ARE BAD! Just because i'm a non member arctic wolf doesn't mean i'm bad... I hate it when people try to prove their point with irrelevant opinions! No one was scammed though, so I guess that's good :) Remember to report the jammer above, stay safe, and jam on!

Status: No One Harmed



  1. wow you are very helpful alpha do more of these plz

    1. This post is over a year old.
      Alpha was deemed an inactive agent several months ago.
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