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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Love32918 (Member)

Hi guys, Alpha here! I'm so glad the society is back, YAY! While I was scam watching I noticed that it is getting harder and harder to find scammers WOOHOO! In 30 mins. I found but one scammer. He (or she I have no idea :P) was in wootmoo's den doing the: TRADE OR FLASH MEH AND YE GET MY OUTFIT scam. I hate it when jammers do this because A) it's a scam, and B) Anyone can be a victim. Your probably thinking: Well can't all scams have these two elements? Not really to be honest. Usually new jammers fall for scams but with the outfit scam the rarest of jammers can fall into the trance of long black spikes, tiki masks, white beta tails, etc. So heh without further adieu let's get onto the scammer!
So this is the player card (above), and it's nothing good. You could have bought almost all of these in the past 4-5 months. No one's actually into fox hats anymore which is pretty weird since they used to be just as popular as anything else! Also a little correction I think this jammer is a she judging by the eyes but ye never know... 

So it started of like any other scam, just advertising while other people where minding their own business. Some jammer actually went up to Flora and said AJ DOESNT HAVE SCAMMERS ANYMORE, GET WITH THE PROGRAM! Not completely true but eh, it's a start! I couldn't take a picture because they got a trade like one second later :T 

Okie then this gal (or guy, again I don't know!) came in and oh my god it was so obvious they where PIC (partners in crime) she kept on asking who's winning and then flora said of corse you are! you did 4 founders! When I asked countess to show the 4 founders she said she didn't want to put them on trade because she was scared a bunch of people might start trading her... WORST. EXCUSE. EVER! For serious you might as well say your a scammer, because that excuse is just plain terrible! Then some eagle who's name tag was covered traded Flora. Here's a little picture story to explain what happened:

If you're having a hard time understanding Flora had a little ring on her trade, the eagle traded flora, the ring was no longer on her trade. Flora started saying OMGOMGOMG! Followed by countess who said WHAT DID YOU GET! They both left probably to flora's den. 

Status: 1 Harmed

(ノ・∀・)ノ Alpha

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