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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Joyful64266 (member)

Hi guys, Alpha again with another scammer. This guy was doing something that may look harmless, but after a bit her turned the tables and scammed an innocent jammer. From the looks of this guy, he seems pretty new. This could be due to the scam he was doing (make me look funny scam)I'm guessing he got his membership just a few days ago. The server I was in was tigris, and the place was jamaa township

He started like any scam, a few people gifted necklaces, one person gave him butterfly wings, but he kept going. Then an eagle (forgetting the name as it had ALOT of numbers at the end) came in and started talking to junior. She asked him if he was trustworthy. He replied yes (obviously a scammer would say this) The eagle then asked if she gave him a yellow short collar if he would give it back *facepalm* He was like OH OFCORSE!!!! Then the eagle hesitantly gave him the collar after i tried persuading her not to. Junior said HAHAHAHA and left, probably to his den.


Status: 1 Harmed

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