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Friday, 24 July 2015

Jammer23jnv (Member)

Long post coming up, avert thy eyes children!
This guy was in Jamaa Township asking if people wanted their items tripled - which is bad either way, because if they really can triple your items, they're hacking.
Anyways, I said I did and he told me to come to his den. Electro followed.

I asked what we had to do to get our items tripled and we said we wanted our spikes tripled. He then told us to trade it to him.

We got pictures and he locked us out. But the story continues.

Electro took him to her den in a disguise, and asked him to be her scamming buddy. This started with her asking 'so do you like scale?' He ended up saying 'i do', that was when Neon and I rushed in and confronted him.

We continued arguing (we still are as I am typing this), and he kept saying "lol nobody is gonna see it i don't even scam".
Well, pal, here's the proof. You see those pageviews over there? Yea, people come through here often, so you will be seen.

Status: No One Harmed

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  1. Well, interesting............I'm off to report them