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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Insummer2 + C49365 (Members)

This chick, Insummer2, advertised a 'Giveaway'. She said a 'Winner' would recieve her list. (shown below)

 Obviously, I went to check it out. quite a few people came, but everyone left but me and another member named C49365.

She told us we had to trust, and the best trade would win her list of items.

After everyone left and it was just me, Insummer2, and C49365 (Princess), Princess started to trade. I told her that this was a scam, (Princess 'did not know what trust was') and she got confused and stayed quiet. Snickety (Insummer2)  said 'PRINCESS IS WINNING!' So I told her I was not apart of this, that Princess had won, and deserved her items now. She said FINE!, cleared her den, and locked it.

After a while, Princess came back to the township where I was (hiding in the middle of the crowd)

So, Princess advertised a Giveaway. I'm pretty sure she and Insummer2 were the same person.

There were MANY people, many newer jammers, and people who did not know what a trust scam was. I called her out as a scam, took a few pictures, and another wolf (top corner with the freedom top hat) helped me. Eventually we were just locked out again.

Status: Unknown

My apologies for the long post, and make sure to report both the scammers above.