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Friday, 3 July 2015

httyd20 (member)

So I found this dude in Jamaa Township. I went to his den, as he advertised flashing at his den.

When I got there, he told us to flash him, which turned to "Not So fast" which turned to "trust me"

I said yes, as I keep a giant stockpile of cruddy items to catch scammers like him.
After a few trades back and forth, and a few complaints about it not being rare from him, he accepted, then said this. (I'm Twinkle Toughgem.)

After an attempt to trade my "scammed" items back to me, for an ARCTIC HOOD from my list, he logged off.

I had to take that one in my den, because I realized I'd only gotten his face before I went back to my den. Oops...
Anyways, stay safe!

Status: No One Harmed

(Unless you count my bad items that I traded him)


minoot ia bavc sreu -cerise


  1. Somebody.. tell me what minoot ia sreu means.. I feel like this is obvious. :/

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    2. A real long time ago, Minty and I accidentally made some dumb language and "minoot ia sreu" is a phrase that nobody will ever learn.

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