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Thursday, 9 July 2015


Hi guys, Alpha here! So I was logging in today and apparently my account is suspended for 3 DAYS because I gave out personal info and all I remember is asking an agent for her Instagram user and she asked for mine, but that isn't "personal info"
So if i'm not online/ at the color charity for 3 days, It's not that I quit AJ its just that AJHQ is being a jerk and I can't do anything about it but get automated email replies.
~Alpha who is very angry at AJHQ

EDIT: SO AJHQ replied saying I was suspended because I said the words "social media" :T

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  1. seriously AJHQ? *facepalms* Let me get this straight, they don't give a beep about hackers, bullies, scammers, all they care about is their money, money, money, and they suspend you for saying social media!!!!! There is no hope left for them