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Sunday, 5 April 2015

The Drama Ends Now.

     The SWS is starting to fail. Me and Shiver, Co-bosses, and agents do not want that. We are ending the ''drama'' now.

We are drafting all recent drama posts. We will be only posting scammers and notices. No drama posts for example saying ''This did that'' and whatever.  Any posts like that will be drafted. No advertising either. Only scammers and notices. Any other posts will be drafted. 

Because the SWS is starting to go down, we want all the agents to be in tip top shape. And treat us the new leaders with respect. We will be strict if we have to. The reason of constant agents being fired is because we want the society ''quality not quantity''. We now see this causes more drama. As Taco said ''rule with an iron fist''. The new bosses don't have that much experience of leading, so yes we will be doing things we wont understand after we did it. We will replenish the SWS and go to tip top shape like it used to be.