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Sunday, 5 April 2015

New Rules.

Hello! I've been put into the job of whipping you guys into shape. So here are 2 new rules.
Rule 1. Make a drama post, or drama, your fired.
Rule 2. You need to post at least two scammers a week, if not your fired. Please let us know if you have something important that week and we'll work it out.
Rule 3. Complainers will be warned we have a 0 toleration policy. If they continue, they will be fired.
Signing off, Agent Taco. These rules have been approved by 5 Agents, they are...
Edited @ 9:44 A.M EST- Comments have been disabled.
Edited @ 9:52 a.m EST- A third rule has been added and Cerise has been removed from the list as her request, and the post edited accordingly.