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Monday, 6 April 2015

gdas16 (member)

Hey jammers while I was in jamaa today I found this scammer named gdas16 scamming.

Gdas was caught trusting. 
Apparently you have to trust him for a worn. 
Hmm sounds like a typical scammer.

Status: Unknown


  1. I'm gdas and if I know your aj name I will get u banned for this and I think I know it you may of had a jam a gram from diamonds1236 Tha is my back up because you and this website has got me banned for ever and I was not joking I was going to give the worn you made all my friends turn on me thanks alot u are gunna be banned for ever 2

    1. No.
      We won't get banned for getting someone who was quite clearly attempting to scam banned.
      Pretty much anything that includes the word "trust" is a scam.
      Plus, you didn't get banned. AJHQ doesn't care about their gave, so they sure as Hell won't ban someone who scams. Because AJHQ doesn't care, we're here to do their job for them.

    2. Sounds a lot like a threat, gdas. In fact, it is a threat. Hmm. I think I shall report you next time I log on.