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Friday, 13 March 2015


Hey Jammers! Cerise here.  Now that the drama has cleaned itself up, we can resume our schedule of scam catching.

First of all, I have notice that our agents enjoy putting up drawing requests and such. So I have made another blog called Animal Jam SWS: Blog of the Agents. On the blog, you'll be able to post almost anything. The blog will have absolutely no rules, beside the fact that what you post cannot be sexually explicit or overly gorey, and you aren't allowed to be mean to anyone. Other than that, you can do and say whatever you please. This means, BRING ON THE SWEARING AND THE DIRTY JOKES! On this blog, everyone is the boss. I cannot guarantee what will be said, and I can not guarantee what will be posted. If you don't like swearing or dirty jokes, then don't come onto the blog. Every agent who posts on the blog will be sent an invitation to post on the blog. Have fun!

Also, from now on, all posts that do not relate to scam catching/tracking, updates or are just plain space-consuming will be deleted. Also, from now on, don't publish your posts. Instead, when you're done, click the save button beside the publish button. I will review the post and make sure it follows our rules, and if it does not, I will delete it or fix it.

P.S. Like my new signature? Silver drew Cerise on :)


  1. dear zee if you are reading this:

    id become meguca for u
    end suffering for u
    id save u
    you is beauty
    i will make you happy

    if you get this joke you can be my best friend forever

  2. i love your new signature! It's really cute :3

  3. Cerise don't you know anything? People only like off topic posts if it makes the log look junky, cause drama, take up space or make it so no one sees real post :P