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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Shadow is back!

I never really did an introduction post, so heres one now! i'll keep it short and sweet.
My agent name is Shadow, because I like to blend in with the crowd and hate to stand out a lot. Like Alpha said, we had a sort of odd relationship with the society, but I believe were on the way to fixing

Some of you have probably never heard of me until recently, so if you want to know me better, look below :)

Favorite colors: usually depends on my mood. I love black, dark grey, but I also love electric green and cyan blue.

Favorite movie: Mockingjay part 1/ Harry potter movies

Favorite food: I liekz pizza. And meatballs.

Interesting fact(s): My mood and personality seems to adapt accordingly to the people I am surrounded by, I can be revenge-driven, and I can be a bit of a hopeless romantic. SOMETIMES. Oh, also I dont trust people that easily. AND I ADVISE YOU ALL TO DO THE SAME -- you dont know who your talking to online unless you know the person IRL. Just look at the scammers! THEY ask you to trust them and then those who do, get hurt.

Fears: Fears and weaknesses should not be shared to the public or the internet.

One word to describe me: I can't pick one! People tell me i'm: Crazy, insane, wild, but at the same time shy, sweet, and kind. Depends on the situation.

Hobbies: Tone def singing (JK I got into the school talent show, I must be a little good...) , scribbly drawings (JK i'm told i'm not too bad, but I think I could improve A LOT) , reading, story writing/ fanfictions

And now some backstory:
Back in my day, ... XD no I wont use that.
A while back, I used to scam. I'm still not sure why I started, but it probably has something to do with influence. Anyway, you guys can chill because I stopped. I got scammed and then I realized I never wanted any jammer to have to feel as bad as I did.

Feel free to fill out this form and leave it in the comments!
Fave color:
fave movie:
interesting fact(s):
one word to describe you:

Also thanks to Alpha for the link to make a signature
REMEMBER, EVERYONE: ignore the haters, because your perfect the way you are ;)


  1. Favorite Color: Camouflage
    Favorite Movie: The Lego Movie
    Interesting Facts: umm Idk hmm...... I'm shy at school but very very loud at my house.
    Fears: I'm not telling because you never know if the wrong person is reading this.
    Word to describe me: Awesome
    Hobbies: reading, playing video games, playing with my siblings, writing

  2. Color: Pink, Grey
    Movie: MOCKINGJAY PART 1 :)
    Interesting facts: Well I don't really know I guess some people call me, popular, crazy, brave, courageous, and (Lol) shivelrous
    No fears
    Hobbies: Singing, acting, swim, and reading. Btw this is agent kay :P

  3. Color: Black, dark grey, phantom purple, etc. Movie: I CANT PICK! Interesting Facts: I'm used to be afraid of the dark, but when I took a Playbuzz Quiz on what element I am, I got darkness/shadow. Fears: I'm not sharing. Words to describe: Smart, clever, tricky, mean, kind of nice. (I am sometimes mean, though ppl are the same) Hobbies: Reading, writing a book (I still am!), COMPUTERS!!! Science, anything like a computer. I am d66864 on Animal Jam, so you can buddy search meh.