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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Moonlitsaphire (Non-member)

I didn't get a whole bunch of info because by the time I got there, it was midway done. Apparently Moonlit was doing a giveaway of some sort, and having us do trust trading on her trade.

After I interrupted her, an argument broke out and she ended up locking us out. Thankfully, nobody was harmed.

Status: No One Harmed


  1. i do have to admit, i like her username.


  2. Are you still accepting agent applications? It's not for me, it's someone I know

  3. check the 'Joining' page. if theres a notice that says its closed for the time being, then you cant join at the moment. if there is not special or bolded message, you can comment your application. (just make sure you tell cherry either on the chatbox or in the comments of a latest post that you did, because she rarely checks it otherwise.

    hope this helps!

    1. Actually, I changed it, and now you can send in a Google form. Like seriously, the page has 194 comments.