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Monday, 23 March 2015

In honor of Cerise:

As we know, Cerise has left the Scam-Catching world..... Another Great fallen...... Just like Firetigerx..... Only trying to make Animal Jam a better place. Right now, the question always comes up, why do we catch scammers? It's just a game. Here is my reasoning to why I do it. Animal Jam is based towards and audience of children exiting the stage of when they learn morals. These kids are going to live there life with these morals. So, if they think its OK to steal.... What will stop them from stealing in real life? Nothing is the obvious answer. I want to make then realize: Justice will be brought to all those who oppose it. This war has lost us so many friends. This war started 9/21/12, with Firetigerx revealing people are intending to wage a Cyber-War against Animal Jam Justice. This is what the society is about, Justice. This what Cerise was about, Justice. This is what Firetigerx was about, Justice. This is what I am about, Justice. This what WE are about... Justice. You deserve a better goodbye then this Cerise, our amazing leader that we love, but this is all I can offer.....


  1. I'm sad Cerise left, she was one of the jammers who played a big part in the war. We'll miss her.

  2. cerise plz dont go plz!

  3. I wasn't part of the war for long.. im an apprentince.. what will I do without her GUIDENCE?! I will die in the war without her... the war of justice... Im so sad.. the one who cared and answered my questions has died in a war... Sad... *Sniffs* *Cries* sobbbb.... ="("""''''''"'

  4. *sobs* *sniffs* I-I under-stand.. I-f that's what is good for her.. I will accept it.. R.I.P Cerise my guider 2015 "She was so happy,young and nice... a great warrior... The enemy: YAYYYY! SHES DEAD FINALLY! NOW I CAN KNOCK AGENTS DOWN UNTIL THERE'S NONE LEFT! HORRAYYYYY!

  5. Blue, "The enemy" sux crap. I don't give a crap. Cerise don't quiitttttt!

  6. Yup she quit because of the drama blue caused!

    1. That wasn't completely blue's fault.


  7. Aw no! She's a great scam catcher!