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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Flighto (Non-member)

This guy was doing the classic "trade me and win a ___" scam with a fox hat.

When I asked him why we'd trade for his clover bracelet and not the fox hat, this was his (snotty) response.

I said "casual scammer" and started to walk away, but then he pretty much accused me of scamming and asked "so how'd you get your stuff?"

When I told him most of my outfit was gifts from my friends, he called me a beggar. How funny,

He proceeded to block me, and I started to leave. Some other girl came up and accused him of scamming, and he started snapping at her too.

He calls us greedy and says we "complain", when he's the real greedy guy.
Please report him, and maybe we can get this little potty-mouth suspended/banned.

Status: No One Harmed


  1. Flighto is a storage account, I reported him and found out that he only has 8 acheivments.

    1. I also found out that he has a scamming partnership, he teamed up with a member artic wolf I wasn't able to get the full username, it started with korse....

  2. He doesn't deserve to play AJ if he is going to be like that O____O