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Monday, 23 March 2015


I have made my decision. I am, permenantly, quitting the SWS. I am going to be taking a subtle break from scam catching, but I will continue to be on AJ. Like Zee did, I will do whatever I can to help out around here, but these next few days will be a winding down time for me and a time for Shiver and Silver, the new bosses of the SWS, to get comfortable in the boss' chair. As they are the new bosses, I want you all to obey them just as well and give them as much respect as you gave me. I trust them in leading you well.

I am going to be moving on and start scam catching on my own, with Zee as a partner. If you want to visit our blog, where we will both post the scammers we catch, I will now be active at this blog right here.

Since so many people seem surprised at this sudden change, I will be hosting a farewell party at my den on Saturday the 28th.

When - Saturday the 28th
Time - 12:00 PM (Lunch Time) AJSWS Time
Where - Cerise's den

12:00 - 12:10 - Arriving and Chatting
12:10 - 12:20 Get-together
12:20 - 12:40 - Speeches
12:40 - 12:45 - Special Stuffs
12:45 - 12:55 - Giveaways
12:55 - 1:00 - Farewells

I hope to see you all there.
Also, check out the new Hall Of Fame page. I'll be getting it together soon.


  1. ok i will be there

  2. :( I'll be there.I respect your decision, a lot of drama goes on in the SWS sometimes and it's too much at times. We'll miss you! You were a great leader and I'm sure Shiver and Silver will lead us well. Thank you for everything you've done for the SWS.

    -Agent Lexey

  3. I wish I could be there but it's too early for me :(
    ~puppyfalina (Agent Pup)

  4. I hope I can make it, because I'm running a high fever and might have to visit the doctor :P I have the lowest immune system in the world LOL Anyway, I just wanna let you know I am so honored you gave me the position of boss. Ily Ceroo <3

    1. Low immune system buddies XD

    2. Haha poor you guys I haven't been sick for 2 years XD
      ~puppyfalina (Agent Pup)

    3. It does e3e i've never had a month were i haven't been sick XD

    4. XD probably one of the reasons why I haven't gotten sick is because I drink soup every day XD
      ~puppyfalina (Agent Pup)

  5. Cerise. you've done a great job running a whole society, through thick 'n thin. It's reassuring to know that you can relax more now, not having to deal with us idiots all the time. Anyways, nice knowin' ya bro!

    -Ghost the Legendary XDemonHorse

  6. I will try to attend this party, no matter what.
    To me this is surprising, as I can clearly recall you getting overexcited about to to me, like it was yesterday. You've gone so far with this society, and I've watched as a friend and fan, this society grow. You've dealt with us all; from some of us being dramatic and some that have been stupid *points at self*. But now that you're quitting, I respect your decision. I'm shocked with it, though, because of this society that's grown on for more than a year now. It's like seeing a small, fragile kitten grow into a beautiful, strong and happy one. I know things have been very dramatic recently. But nevermind that. The past has been the past, and you should only focus on the present. Not the future, not the past. The present. Because the present is a gift. I wish you good luck in the future, and if you intend to make another blog with Zee, I'll be there rooting for you.

  7. I will try to attend the party, but I might not be able to come. I am attending the Emerald City Comic Con, but also really wanna say bye. Just in case I can't come, here is a farewell from me:

    Cerise, you were so inspirational and did your best to manage everything. It was amazing how you did it. Despite making some enemies, you will be missed by many. I hope you have a great "retirement," and I bid best wishes to you. :(

  8. Where's the hall of fame tab?

  9. Farewell Cerise! I will miss you so much! Can somebody please tell me how to post on here please?!

  10. I will try to go. I got sick yesterday I get sick ATLEAST 3 times a year -_- I'm always in pain when im sick doe.......