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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Evarock98 (Member)

This gal was pulling the "best trade wins outfit" scam. When I called her out as a scammer, she acted all confused as if she didn't know what I was saying.

Her other friend, littleuni124, who was also scamming (I sadly didn't get a pictire), started standing up for her.

However, a minute later, someone traded Eva and she left. I checked her trade list, and yep, there was nothing on it. Then, littleuni was crying that she had scammed her, but I highly doubt that.

Later, she came back as a different animal and started playing innocent again when I called her out. After that, she ran off again, then came back as her arctic wolf  in a different outfit and started scamming with what she claimed was a "beta tiara".

After that, she proceeded to walk around and say nothing.

Status: 1 Harmed


  1. Hey Cerise, (I'm finally commenting on the blog :D )
    I have a few screenshots on in my DA if you want to see.

  2. Cerise, since there is no anonymous option on the other blog, how do you make pixel art? And could you allow the anonymous option on the other blog please?

    1. I use MS Paint for my pixel art.
      And I will add an anonymous option, sorry about that.

  3. I hate persistent scammers :I

  4. I hate scammers they are heartless people.