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Sunday, 1 February 2015

smartiebox99 (Non-member)

This guy was running around HQ screaming that he was a scammer. Of course, we have no evidence, but for all we know he could be a scammer.

Status: Unknown


  1. What more can I say then... That is so stupid........... :I

    ~mz5963 aka Agent Beta ~ Animal Jam

  2. If he really is a scammer, what a way to blow his cover. He possibly also can just be a hater.

  3. Someone made a video about him I think he scams...

      We don't know if it is true. All she did is say that Smartiebox scammed her
      party hat and rare spiked collar without giving us real proof. Then there is this video:
      She might of robbed someone too because she said. " WELL, I WILL NEVER GIVE YOUR CUPCAKE BACK " in the video I gave you just now.
      In both of the videos, she pretty much has the rare cupcake.
      So, can we identify them as scammers, Mullerknas123, probably, Smartiebox, I honestly don't know.

  4. What
    All I have to say about that :I

  5. He is a troll, if he really was a scammer, then he wouldn't say that

  6. Hello every and it has been COMFIRMED. Smartiebox99 is really a scammer.
    Smartiebox99 was at Coral Canyons saying "Spike giveaway my den" or something like that. If you were there, Smartiebox99 told the players in his/her's den to trust. I started fighting with him. And a Artic Wolf started telling him/her the items back. Smartiebox99 only said she/he will only give it back if she gave her long bow to her. Smartiebox99 started saying she has to accept her/his trade. She did and she now said to give the long bow to her.
    The rest of the story is anonymous. :: I was there, Cerise was there for a bit ::

  7. On his trade he has every headdress and like 20 rare headdresses he is huge...

    1. We know that already, he was bragging that he was rarer then everyone in his den.
      He kept telling me to give him my art easel or she will recycle the wolf's item.

      ::Who got scammed::

  8. Idk i think he just did these stuff for attention