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Friday, 27 February 2015

slvega (Member)

Hi guys! I've been seeing so many scammers today :( At least I can warn you guys about them!
Here's a gal who's CLEARLY a new scammer (you'll see what I mean when I show you her trade list)
She was scamming in Jamaa township, doing the "Glitched Ring" scam. 

It isn't very uncommon to see the glitched ring scam since non members can buy the rings as well. 
Normally you'd see the nm ring with the teal like gem in the middle, that is usually color-changed to look more real. I guess Duchess here didn't know about that, and thought ANY ring would work

Top: As you can see, on her trade list is another epic wonders ring. Bottom: Yes, it is none other then the Diamond ring. 

Here's a picture of the diamond ring in stores (I'm a nonmember, so I can't change the color of items) Something that surprises me, is that it's 3,000 gems, the other ring is much cheaper. Well, who knows 

Now, this is where the story REALLY takes a "Twist" After gathering up all the info. I needed to make a post, I went back on animaljam, and ended up in the same server! She started to use a DIFFERENT scamming technique! How bizzare is THAT! She didn't even switch servers! (I knew this because the same jammers where in the room)
 Here's the discussion for this post (if you're confused about the discussion thing, read my other scam post about Crazyhorse) 
Do you thing slvega was actually a new scammer, how do you suppose she got influenced?
My answer: I think she was a new scammer because she did a few things that a more "experienced" scammer wouldn't. Maybe she just wanted more rares and saw other people doing it?
Remember to put your answer down in the comments, and to share and report the scammer shown above :D 

Status: Unknown


  1. I agree that she is a new scammer because an expert scammer would put a regular ring on trade.

  2. either the scammer was new or just really behind on aj things... she was probably influenced though, most scammers were/are.


  3. I honestly think she wasn't trying to scam. She could of been told that her ring is glitched, got scammed into thinking it was glitched and still thinks it is.There are many possibilities and how can "Gift me!" be a scam? Did she type she would give you a certain item if you gifted her something? No. So, how is it a scam?

    1. Hi there :3 As I said in another post, you can never be too safe. Also, if you search up her name, she doesn't have a channel. It SI possible that someone told her it is, but it's ALSO possible she wanted to scam.

    2. Para dont go to the dark side and stick up for the scammers T3T
      It's a horrible fate

  4. She probably wanted more rares - her top hat isn't the best and she doesn't have a rare spike. Dey doin it for da rares