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Saturday, 7 February 2015

sammymar (Non-member)

I didn't actually see this guy head-on scamming, but apparently he was doing a "best trade wins" scam. He was sayng "block me, but I still won't accept".

He asked Garnet if she had been scammed and she said yes, and he started acting all innocent saying he was "so sorry for her". Yea, nice try buddy.
He also said he'd been through what she has, so maybe he's become a scammer because he got scammed?

Status: Unknown


  1. Oh yeah I was sammymar you should see all the spikes I stole well i don't play anymore but I stole a long red spiked collar from some noot and this girl called me a b**** for taking her long pink collar well I REGRET NOTHING AND YOU SUCK

    1. Someone sounds salty that they got caught.

    2. Oh i don't play anymore but I scammed a lot. It was on another account tho.