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Friday, 27 February 2015

Member: mimi97292

HEYO!! first post, shadow here! again, like alpha said on her first post, our.. relationship with the society started out rocky. we caused all sorts of unwanted drama-- but were here to fix that. i apologize for my previous "boo-boos".

Anyway, on with the scammer: (this happened at wootmoo's den)

mimi97292 doing the trust trade scam

ummm that monkey in the corner though. XD
anyway, when I told her stop and began to warn people, she left.

Status: Unknown

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  1. I hope i got the format right... Also, me and alpha decided to ask for permission to post for these reasons:
    1. we have alot of scammers we caught
    2. this is the scam watchers society, SCAM WATCHERS!!!!!!
    3. i hope that with our help we can start posting about scammers again.