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Thursday, 12 February 2015

False Scamming Website~!

Hey guys, I will start posting many scam things now... so first off, I was strolling in Jamaa and a nm new jammer was yelling : " go to aj2010 yolasite, come, ( FREE BETA GENERATOR ) " So I went knowing it might be scamming. It looked okay at first on the gem generator until it asks for your password. Same thing on the membership side. Guys, knowing this if you've ever bought a membership code, when you buy it, you get a code from the receipt. You just sign in with your code so not sure why they need your password! DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING THAT ASKS FOR YOUR PASSWORD!

Never ever ' login ' with your animal jam account on another site ! ONLY USE THE REAL ANIMAL JAM WEBSITE. Obvious scam! ( MEMBER ). On the first generator I posted ( up on top ) I entered fake things in and here is what it showed..

It should never say to wait a day or 1-3 hours! Be aware because they should have warned you ahead of time! I've been tricked before like this. If you seen a generator like this and you actually entered your information, CHANGE ALL YOUR PASSWORDS! That's all from me!

Agent Cali <33

" Bringing Justice To Tears "



  1. some fo these websistes tell the truth, some are big fat liars who live in a box on the streets and steal peoples baybies and kill them for the fun of it

  2. I got scammed by a similar web.
    i was prettu gullible, honestly. i thought it would work becuase i used to be obsessed with clubpenguin and the penguin lodge item generatory ACTUALLY worked, so i thought it was the same sort of thing.


  3. XD the site was deleted. That proves it all.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. I don't see how being stupid enough to fall for something like this is something to brag about.
      Also, watch your language.

  5. well i did'nt :l

  6. Replies
    1. 1. Why did you use it? Did you even read the post?
      2. Of course it doesn't work, why else would the title be "False Scamming Website"?

  7. LOL i saw the part that said the membership might take a day to get log off for the day. IT JUST GIVES IT TIME TO HACK YOU!