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Friday, 27 February 2015

crazyhorse135 (Member)

Hello, Alpha here with my first scammer post! Ok, this jammer was advertising a giveaway for a porch swing at her den. But that sounds fine, except for the fact she also said it was a trust. It seemed pretty fishy, you can never be too safe though, so i checked it out. She had a porch swing inside her den, so at least there was a little proof (probably just her trying to give some reassurance, even though it isn't real), but when she came and the jammers arrived, it started to go "south"

Here's where she was mainly the whole time advertising, it's a little hard to see because of that owl.  I really thought that aj would "censor" that but, guess not... The other weird (in my opinion) part was none of her animals had items on them, they were all white, some had X eyes, it was suspicious. 

here's the porch swing in her den

Ahh yes, we all knew THIS was coming. I evacuated 6 people, although 3 jammers remained, they wouldn't budge! Also, it was at this point where she put some of her items on, weird...

There's a picture of her trade list. After 1 more jammer left, she decided to lock her den, probably going to a new server.

I didn't get a picture of the pop up that says, "The Den You Where In Has Been Locked" But here's a picture of the little den button shaded out. The reason it is shaded in the other picture is because I was in her den at the time. 

Status: 0 Harmed

REMEMBER: Always warn other jammers about scammer postings, and to report all jammers in scammer postings as well!

Also I had a little Idea, if it's ok with cerise, Scammer posts should be a bit more, interactive, and discussed! This way agents can think deeper about posts, and get involved :D

Question (comment your answer)- Why do you think Crazyhorse135 had animals that were all white with "X" eyes???
Here's my answer: Maybe cause' she wanted to look like she got hacked, or to look like a new jammer that doesn't know about scamming???


  1. first post buddies :D


    1. i dunno, ur guess seems prettu accurate.


  2. Looks. Weird/creepy looks may indicate being rare? Idk.

  3. I saw this dude in WootMoo's den again, trusting, no pics tho :T
    T3T WootMoo's den - the home of scammers T3T