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Sunday, 8 February 2015

catcatcats (member)

    This person was saying ''Trust me and win a spiked collar!'' Other people were trading her but I still didn't believe she was saying the truth even though she has a spiked collar. So I watched her and thankfully she didn't see me.

This was her attempting her scam. She said no flashing. Unfortunately I was unable to get an image of that. After this I saw one person trade her, and when she traded her she scammed the person. Then she left. This was in her trade list: 

She is trading this for the trust me scam.

This is were she left.

Status: 1+ Harmed


  1. Did the academy end?

  2. Oh, I actually saw this person before, trying to guilt scam people. "I lost a founder and spikes!!!" And all her other animals were still wearing rare spikes.


    ~mz5963 aka Agent Beta ~ Animal Jam

    1. Atleast, she didn't say "I lost a founder and all of my spikes!!!" while all of her animals were wearing spikes, still.
      If I saw someone saying that, I would go crazyon them.
      Also, honestly, people can't 'lose' things in Animal Jam, I've heard.

    2. You can loose them in gift. AJHQ seems to be taking gifts now, so lets say somebody gifted you a rare spike to be kind, and then you didn't get it. Nlame AJHQ :I That happened to my sister once. seriosuly l:I