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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Bunnify (member)

This person was saying "Flash me for a chance to win something on me! Must be for at least 4 seconds!" Minutes later, people started trading her then she started saying things such as "Countess winning, Duchess winning" etc. 


People started trading her, then she logged out. Somone traded her
and she accepted then left.

Status: 1 Harmed


  1. "Guess". Means it's not a fact but opinion.
    But it was still wrong to tell people to flash them.

  2. TO CERSIE: I have gained 7's trust and found his newest username. He appears to be up to his old tricks. Do you wish for me to gather information?
    -Agent HellFire (You know who I am)

  3. She said flash me for at least 4 seconds, that is exactly like saying, "Hey random jammers! Flash me slowly so I can scam you!"

    1. I first said "Guess" then I said "But it was still wrong to tell people to flash them.".
      When did I say, "THIS POST IS WRONG, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH FLASHING, TAKE IT DOWN, FLASHING ISN'T BAD." until right now for a example?

  4. She scammed me to she was doing trust trading and who ever wins gets white beta tail and she scammed my founder neon bow archway and my rare spike i think those were the items search bunnify aj and u will see me i got scammed