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Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Hello, Zee here!
I was looking around for scammers, checking the usual goldmine areas when I noticed Nikor's den was unlocked. Out of curiosity, I went to check it out, and I found this...

It says "Bye..." Spelled out in pillows.
I honestly did not expect to see anything like this. Her den is also full of Winter adventure items, which is cool. No pun intended.
I'm honestly wondering if anything happened to her, and if something did happen, what is was. 
If anyone knows, please tell me in the comments below, thank you, and where ever you are, have a good morning, afternoon, evening, or night. Bye! c:


  1. :oo
    Beware this might get as dramatic as Lilac & Julian2 :PPP

  2. On Scam Catcher one of my agents told me about this too. She said Nikor made a video that she was abandoning her Nikor account and starting fresh on a new one.

    1. She didn't tell her new user though. I'll give you the link to the vid when I find it.

    2. Found it:

    3. Okay, thanks for telling me! C: