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Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Animal Jam Scammer Bulletin

Herro every agent! It's Agent Foxx here (RainbowCat1) and I created my own Scammer Watch Blog! Clickity for meh blog c: If you would like to become a Agent for TAJSB, be sure to check out the Resume page! (There isn't much to the blog yet, I am working on it though!) I hope to see you there! Until later Agents!

~Agent Foxx


  1. beware a friend you cannot trust...

    i have some information about an ex-agent. be careful. if you want to know more, visit my den.


    1. Erm...? Even if I did want to know about that, which I don't, I wouldn't even know whose den to visit. :I Whatever anon.

    2. i very clearly signed off.