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Friday, 2 January 2015

Some Things while Advertising

I was advertising for Rocky today, I did succeed by getting two people interested- An arctic wolf who I believe had "pants" in her username, and a jolly gent in purple.

I also came across some scammers, a sexual feat, and a jerk who was hating on my advertising.
All the normal cases in one! How lovely.

 Here's a lady who was either scamming or had no idea she was scamming, I couldn't tell.

She did send me two codes as proof, but it still could be scamming.

She was quite confused about this, still not sure if she WAS scamming but we might add her just in case?

I also came across your every-day, normal jerk. But darn was this guy persistent!

It seemed to be his life's purpose to criticize advertisers and act above all the everyday riffraff.

Like so.

I also came across, as I said, someone who was talking about "adult things". I didn't get her username, but I did get her suitor.
(Look closely. You can see Hunter)

This guy was apparently the guy she was looking for. (Gosh, I always get caught in these cases!)

I also had some more trouble with Hunter-

Yes, just like you aren't advertising right there. Look, everyone! He's not advertising.

 There was also at the end a basic, run-of-the-mill scammer.

When I confronted him as a scammer, he didn't respond and eventually changed to this:

After that he left.

Syonara, humans!
-everyone's favorite soul sucker, Agent Noggy


  1. Ugh, so many awful... creatures! (Basically everyone featured in this post but Norty. It's good that Norty caught all these awful creatures, I mean.) Ya...

    1. Aren't we humans like then ;-;..?

    2. Yes, well of course we're humans. What I meant was that these Jammers are doing despicable and incredibly stupid things that are so just... Ugh. So much that I don't think they're right to be called "Jammers"- so creatures instead. Uh, I don't know how to explain this any more. Um yeah.

  2. i see that all the time it is so weird it is like hello im betting the oldest person playing aj is like in 10th grade we seriously do not need a guy at this age. Even if she did get a guy they would break up like a week later.It has happened to my bro believe me it is creepy

  3. people do not need boyfriends on animal jam animal jam is about having fun come on people get the progrsm

  4. First time commenting on the blog and I just realized your signature had Death the Kid in it! DO YOU WATCH SOUL EATER?!

    Yeah, but shouldn't the people on Animal Jam be used to advertising? The people that are asking them to go to their den are advertising their den and I don't see anyone yelling at them.

    Geez, I hate mate-beggers. As common as they are I'll never get over the fact that there are teenagers and adults preying on little kids. It's really disgusting...

    I love how there are scammers when someone is advertising an ANTI-scammer place right next to them.