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Sunday, 18 January 2015

strongminecraftboy (Member)

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Hey guys! Zee here. I feel like I don't catch scammers enough, so I'm gonna post one right now and hope that I get back into the habit of catching scammers soon.

Anyways, enough with the intro. Here's the info I got.
This is the scammer. He looks fairly normal at first, until you see what he's saying...

Not to be rude, but he doesn't look like the kinda guy who would own a spike. However, I was curious, so I went to his den.

When we got there, this was on his trade. He told us all to buddy him. Already, he's making no sense. Why would we buddy him if we were just gonna stay for the giveaway? Maybe after the giveaway, but not at the very beginning. This is a common scammer trick. The scammer hosting a giveaway will buddy everyone attending, and if anyone gets in the scammer's way, perhaps a scam watcher, they can just unbuddy them and lock them out. There are ways for scam watchers to avoid being locked out from a scammer like this, though. Keep quiet and get your evidence, and only speak out when the scamming begins. By then you will have solid evidence, the chance to collect more, and a chance to stop the scammer from scamming anything.

 Here's him actually scamming. This is a best trade wins scam. Best trade wins scams never make any sense, and there are a few possible ways for the scammer to avoid this method entirely, if they claim to be "just trading."

  1. Just trade the item you're offering. This gives you time to accept and decline while being 100% safe.
  2. Hold an auction. An auction is where you offer an item, and people call out their offers for it. You can choose your favorite offer, or just pass if you don't see one you like.

 Now, here's when the scammer REALLY starts making no sense. Everyone was asking to see the spike, but he ignored everyone. He acted as if no one was saying anything, when we clearly all were. This is pretty much solid proof that he didn't have a spike, proving my suspicions correct.

He locked us out soon afterwards, and poofed away to another township, supposedly to continue scamming.

Status: No One Harmed


  1. Lol, he didn't even tell the spike color or if it was nr :3

    1. I know, that's where his attempt fell apart. He flat out refused to reply to anyone who asked to see the spike (AKA: Everyone.)