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Friday, 16 January 2015

fox655 (Member)

This girl was hosting a trust trade contest to win a headdress at her den. She actually said it when she was advertising, so she obviously wasn't scared of being caught.

Once we got there, she put a welcome mat on her trade and asked us to start trusting. She claimed she had 2 headdresses, so "why not a trust XD".

After I told her I got pictures, she immediately locked me and everyone else out.

There was also a bully at her den, who I posted on AJSWAT. Click here to see the post.

Status: No One Harmed


  1. i'v had an experience like that. When i said "i'm ready to report you to the scam watchers society" They locked the den right after they read it! They must know about you guys.

  2. Once again, nothing to do with this post, but I started a blog! :D

  3. Fox655 scammed me once! What she did was tell me that if I sent her 2 long rare spikes she would trade me her headdress for the last one. I did what she said and ended up being scammed :'(

    1. umm...she dident do that....she never had two spikes and scammed one..also your an attention seeker..she never did that.

    2. Please don't break out into a fight.

  4. i am fox655......this was one year and something months sorry......this was when i was a scammer

  5. i am sorry..........i never scammed anyone that day, this was a long time ago. i am truly sorry. in my life i have only scammed one person and stopped because it made me feel so bad i quit aj for a while. i never ever scam anymore. please remove this? i already quit aj