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Friday, 23 January 2015

Estranged (Member)

Hello, Agent Taco here reporting for Duty ^.^
Today, my very good friend (Estranged) gave me a deal I could not refuse, for my dream item, a glitched ring! I made sure it was the correct ring and was all set to go. It was a big trade so I felt I needed to record, I trusted him but JUST IN CASE. The deal was
- Two Betas sent first
-Two spikes, a glitched yeti, and a beta for the ring.
-3 Betas sent after.
So I was friends with Esty for a while, so I trusted him enough for a big trade. BIG MISTAKE. Watch the video of him SCAMMING ME here......

Agent Taco- Signing off :) Please excuse my language at the end.


  1. I don't know what's come to people. Friends are betraying each other for pixels. I've heard stories of even brother/sister betraying their sibling(s)!

  2. :O OMG I got undertraded by my buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! his name is jordunjolo something something.... it was my sewing machine for his spike!!!!!! and he wont trade back!

  3. Funny how as I say he may be trying to scam, you did get scammed.