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Monday, 19 January 2015

Caramelx (Member)

So I went to jamaa and everyone was screaming : DO NOT TRUST HER. Do not do it. And I was all suspicious and confused... So of course, I went to her trade list. Yeah, you're probably like, what trust? It's a spike people! :) Well yes. Here is what she was screaming all over the place : " Trade me seelseelseel's mask " . Obviously that's not really suspicious STILL.

On Seelseelseel's trade list was a creature mask. Everyone knows that is not the least bit rare or beta and nobody would want it so why would caramelx want it? And what makes this a scam? i know this scam anywhere as you know it's a bit rusty and old. They are both the same person. Also, you're supposed to trade OMG SO GOOD for the mask and then caramelx leaves. :) That's pretty much it. I'm sure she's done this a bunch of times..

Harmed: 1+


  1. I Have a tip: If you report someone, don't block them because they might try some more scams. -Popy2750

    1. Actually, if you find a scammer you deem to be harmful enough, you SHOULD block them, so if they scam again, you can find them easily and just unblock them to get pictures of them scamming.