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Saturday, 17 January 2015

aiyanalewis2004 (Member)

Another glitched Yeti Face scammer. She was saying she had a glitched one on trade, but she really didn't.

If you look at an item guide, like the one on the AJSWAT blog, you'll see that her's isn't glitched. She may just be confused, but I'm posting her just to be safe.

Status: No One Harmed


  1. too many yeti mask scammers these days..... it's really sad :'(

  2. AJHQ probably doesn't even notice how much havoc this is causing :L

  3. Yeah, a Yeti Mask is always a nice tool for a scam watcher to have to easily find Yeti Scammers. They're only 400 gems, so getting one is never a bad idea.