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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

actionphoenix (Member)

This guy was pretending a Yeti Mask was glitched and trying to scam with it.

If you look at the one on his list, you'll see it isn't glitched. However, there is a subtle difference in the hue of the mane.

These are the two Yeti Masks beside each other. The one on the left is regular, the one on the right is glitched.


When I called him out as a scammer, he told me it wasn't.

Status: No One Harmed


  1. Oh my god, SO many people are trying to scam with this 'glitched' yeti mask! Its getting ridiculous!

    ~mz5963 aka THE REAL AGENT BETA ~ Animal Jam
    (Someone is trying to be me on Minty's leaving post. I hate being framed -.-)

  2. I apologize that this comment has nothing to do with this pist, but I can't post, so I thought I'd let you know this:
    Ive been getting daily JAGS from watchoutcerise. I haven't seen or heard from her in months, nor have I seen her online on AJ. I'm getting scared, because she's been sending me JAGS. And another thing, on the Minty Temporarily Leaving post, someone, an anonymous, signed it off as '-Agent Beta who is too lazy to sign in'. That was not me. So I have two problems: Being stalked by watchout, and being framed. Has anyone else been getting JAGS from watchout? T-T

    ~mz5963 aka Agent Beta ~ Animal Jam ( <-- my official signature)

    1. i can see why you might think that, because it looks like it o.o

      but i can assure you, im not a lowly stalker.

      the reason for the jamagrams: actually i was just bored so i randomly sent som jam a grams and i meant to send one to each sws member on my buddy list. but then i had to go so i think i only sent it to two or three people.

      as for the minty leaving post, that wasnt me. i can also see you might not believe me, but you just saw the truth here, and if you want to ignore it and be paranoid, be my guest.
      HOWEVER i may know who did it. (i know like one or two of the anons here)

      P.S. my name is watchoutcerise not watchoutbeta

    2. I hate you, although I believe you. -Popy2750 who almost said poopy2750

  3. When someone ACTUALLY has the glitched mask, people are sometimes like this. " OMG, U R A SCALE. ". So many regrets for trading.

  4. He could have thought that it actually was the glitched mask and he may be innocent.

    1. Yes but I think as a fan it would be better to list it anyways. -Popy2750

  5. How do you join this 'Scam watcher society'? It would be fun watching Jammers under cover, then posting it on a blog. Please do reply, Scam Watcher Society team, please do. :3

    1. You can join by signing up on the SWS Academy tab. However, as we are marking the exams of the current rookies, we are not accepting right now. Feel free to look around the site, and we'll make a post when the sign-up starts!
      Thank you for your patience,
      Council Member Fem (feming)