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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Secret Santa Event

SWS Christmas

Hey Jammers! Guess what? It's Christmas time! We're already going to be spoiling the New Jammers with gifts from OPFAC, so It's time the agents got some recognition! Our team has been helping out for almost a year now, the society's birthday coming up in late January. So I started this secret Santa event, just among the agents!

I made a list of all the agents, put them into and decided who will be getting a gift for what. The gift should be something valuable, and you have to find a gift for your agent by Christmas. You have about a week, so don't try and slack off with a necklace!

You can't tell anyone who you got. If I didn't tell you who you got yet, tell me and I'll let you know who you have to get a gift for. I made a storage for the SWS (not going to say the username). We're going to put the items on there so we can blindly exchange them on Christmas day. So remember to tell me when you find a gift!


  1. Will you be messaging us on AJ the agent's username or agent name?

  2. I wont be participating in this for the following reasons.
    1. Not everyone celebrates Christmas, I do, however I dont want to do it due to the SWS member who DO NOT celebrare Christmas.
    2. The idea just doesnt appeal to me.
    Also congrats on 1 year!!! AJSG was founded in December 2012. We are a bit over 2 now : D

  3. By 'good', how good does 'good' have to be? Obviously not a necklace, but snould it be rare, beta, what? O.o

    ~Agent Beta

  4. are me alpha shadow or angel going to do this or is it only agents :3

  5. @Cerise

    Good news! I created a Scam Watch blog! You can visit it here:

    Thanks! c:

  6. Hi. I had a suggestion.
    How about we just make a new aj and not tell anyone the username or design *make all of them have same design* and then transfer until Christmas. Easier and safer.

  7. Could I join? - popy2750