Blogger Tricks

Friday, 26 December 2014


Alright, someone deleted my post, so here's a revision of it:

I'm quitting partly because I have literally no free time. My computer overheats due to viruses, and it's overall slow. The only other option is my tablet, and it doesn't run AJ well. The little time I have is normally spent roleplaying while being nagged by Cerise. So I'm pulling the "I'm a senior 4-Her with no time for this club, peace out" trick on you.(I COMMAND YOU TO FIND THAT FUNNY)

Now, the reason I kept my post to a few words was to keep from offending all of you idiots. I'll miss some of you guys. As for the rookies (not just the "official" ones), Go. Catch. Scammers. Participate in RS. And most of all, respect Cerise if it's one of the days she actually deserves your respect. I don't think the newbies are ALL dumb, they need support. And the ability to post. If one more senior agent ignores a rookie..

Goodbye, and make sure this society improves. A lot.