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Sunday, 14 December 2014

LilacPeteli (Member)

This has been going on for a while. Lots of people reported on it... and I'm sort of sick of having to watch her scam. So, here it is with a LOT of research and proof, but I guess I'll try to make all this quick. Lilacpeteli was the one on berrytheprincess scamming. Her aj was known as : chocolate1180 which our crew (literally the whole crew) came to discuss this. She was the one who took my black spike which is how I found out about this whole blog. ( which is an amazing blog! ) I did a bunch of research on youtube and I found this video. Of course, the dislikes are from Lilac's youtubes. Derpy aj and lilacpeteli aj.
The description reads : Lilacpeteli looks nice, but in her heart, she is a no life hacker and scammer and more Lol XD. Low life stupid hacker.
The girl was given Lilac's backup. " She took my spike collar, top hat and den betas! ".
Lilac's ' story ' of Chocolate... although she confesses later.
This shows she was the one USING berry the whole while.
She confesses of taking the collars. A BUNCH of collars.
She confesses she is chocolate.
Im not gonna argyle ( argue ), I am Chocolate, yes. I am. Record. Ok but,
I'm done with all the proof, and please if you had a complaint before about Lilacpeteli, please, you may now stop leaving complaints and spamming us with complaints. That is the sad story of the scamming lilacpeteli. She apologized to me knowing I'm apart of scam watchers, but we are currently STILL getting complaints. :) So the case is closed. I only saw about 4 complaints, but according to Clover, there are more. Thank you Clovergoddess and Herobigs ( snowflake4532 too who was scammed off a black long by lilac ) for helping me figure all this out.

Status: Harmed 4+


  1. She scams on berrytheprincess and rainbowzx3 and chocolate1180

    1. Add me on animal jam. :) I'll give ya something.