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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Another Anti-Scammer Society?

Hi Jammers! On Twitter, there is another person helping us take down scammers! Looks like we are not the other ones NOT supporting the scammers. @scamjams on Twitter reports scammers and posts pictures too. All you need to do is message them a scammer name and they'll post it ( don't forget the proof too ).
Looks legit. The person is from Dallas Texas and seems to get her scammer ideas from other people who have been scammed ( like me ). She does NOT take ANY posts down for any reason to show that they have been a scammer and maybe won't even change. I met her before on animal jam and interviewed her.
Here is the Interview. <--- Click here.

We wish you luck @scamjams! Looks like we aren't alone agents! I fully support scamjams and I hope the jammer supports us too! ~Agent Cali


  1. They don't want to show their usernames... Weird.

    1. Yes, I believe because she doesn't want to be hated on by the scammers..

  2. You're not the only ones, there is many groups I know about that taking down scammers.

  3. I ahev a blog like this it's called if you wanna check it iut

  4. Cerise can you put Bunnify as the scammer of the day because she scammed my founder's hat my ice nature archway my short rare spike and my neon bow so can you please help me

  5. Replies
    1. A lot of people called AJ to unsuspend me ;-;

  6. ghost03265 is a scammer she was saying "first one to trade me silver spike gets rare spike"