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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Agent Electro Fired + Co-Boss Election

Hey Jammers! Cerise here with some depressing news. Agent Electro got fired this evening. I wouldn't lie to you guys, so prepare for the long story of how it went down.

wowsersitsme was Electro's Operation Scamming School disguise. We were originally going to use this account as a decoy for the operation, before it was proven false.

Electro had unbuddied me on her main account, to give the impression she was offline. At the same time, I was logging onto my storage account to get some items out of it. My storage account was buddied with wowzersitsme, and to my surprise, it was online. I went to where it was, and it was calling for a giveaway for what was on it's list:

Seems unlikely to give away, right? Out of curoisity, I unbuddied it, got my items, then immediately went on another backup to go check it out. Electrobrownie, her main account, was at it's den. The giveaway started just fine. She said the first Jam-A-Gram she got would win the rare spiked wristband. Guess who the winner was? Electrobrownie. After that, she started the "giveaway" for the black long. This time, it was trusting. Well played Electro.

(I was the tiger)
I jumped out at her and called her out, saying she was fired, and wowzers left IMMEDIATELY.
Also, keep in mind that after she came back to the den and locked it, in hopes nobody else would come in and blow her cover.

As for now, Electro is fired. Melon is trying to help her overcome her urge to scam, but until then, she will remain fired.


On the bright side, the SWS is holding a co-boss election! Now that Shiver has quit, Minty is our only co-boss. The official co-boss vote will be held tomorrow. All agents that can make it must attend.

When - December 29th, 1:00 PM AJSWS Time
Where - ShadowclawXX's den

1:00 - 1:15 - Arriving
1:15 - 1:20 - Introduction
1:20 - 1:35 - Candidate Choosing
1:35 - 1:45 - Official Voting

That's all for now, Jammers! Stay safe and happy Jamming!


  1. hey cerise. its me agent paw. i feel so sorry about electro. I have handled situations like this, but honestly, i think i can help her overcome it. if it worked for my old now my buddy again, im sure it will work for electro! :) - hoppy59525/agent paw.

  2. Yay - you're the same time zone as me, which means I will be able to make it. I would like to run for a co-boss position, and I wish good luck to anyone else running! :) May the best scam-watcher win! :P

    Also, can my Agent name be Agent Pawz? :)

  3. That is sad that one of your agents has scammed.i hope none of the others do! that would be horrible D:

  4. If this is not just for agents then I might make it. I can't promise though.

  5. Awwww!!!! I would make it because the time is the time I usually go on Aj but...... I'm going to an arcade today and may do many other things :) I hope the voting goes well!

  6. 1. Cerise I wanna run for co-boss but I won't be able to come! Is there any chance that you could fill in for me but just say Violet would like to be co boss but could not make it today?
    Also I have a few questions
    2. What agent stage am I at?
    3. How can u become a fully trained agent (if I am not one already)
    4. What ever happened to the SWS training schools thing? I forget what it's called sorry:(
    5. When are we doing the secret Santa
    6. I think dat is it?

  7. I will try to make it, I probably will, but my mom just had knee surgery and my step dad had ear surgery and I need to help them to get stuff, as they have not fully recovered yet.
    Also since we are not in the same timezone, But I will check the ajsws time.

  8. May I come as well, or is this just for sws AGENTS

  9. That is sad that Electro got fired, but I was kind of expecting it all along.

  10. ok, if you were at the co-boss election today you might of seen Electro ACCUSE Garnet of scamming >:O

  11. Nooo i missed it i was at the phillippines.

  12. AWW I missed it :C -Brave (if you didn't pick yet please add me into the votes)

  13. Guys, does anyone notice in one of the pictures Neon is there at the den too..? Did Cerise not notice Neon was there...? O,O