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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Bad Times

Electro keeps stopping by my den. At first, I thought she was being friendly, but then she started talking like this and harassing Eclipse and I. Miss Quietfeet is Electro.
Eclipse and I were hiding so she wouldn't come and talk condescendingly at us.  Eventually, I unbuddied Electro and locked my den. If she does this to you, do the same. She also mentioned that "Bat I will get proof!!!!!"
Electro also told Eclipse "minty is telling Cerise that you are Neon!" which I never said. She will probably ask you to post about "ECLIPSE BEING NEON" But it's not true. She might talk smack about me, just don't listen. It's all lies.
P.S. Too much drama in sws right now, am I right?!

Happy New Year's Eve!

            Hello, It's minty here! Who's excited for the new year? Huh? You're not? Well, I know I am...
It's been almost a full year since I joined the SWS. i've seen the coming and going of new, old,and ancient and retired members. I've seen co-bosses come, and I've seen some of the greatest agents leave forever. Despite all this, the SWS has progressed so much over the course of 12 months, and I hope you will all continue to work your hardest and strive to find new ideas and new horizons!

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

moosetracks5652 (Member)

This gal was offering for flash trading at her den in Jamaa Township.

It surprised me how AJHQ still allows us to say "flash". After I called her out as a scammer, she told me I was not nice, left, then came back and started trying a different scam.

Status: No One Harmed

Electro Trying to Frame Eclipse?!

            Hello, this is Minty here. You all know how Electro got fired; for scamming. However, before she got OFFICIALLY fired, she came and talked to me for a good 5 minutes. She tried to frame Neon or Eclipse, and she told me "Colorcraze is Neon's backup! She scaled with me, it was her idea"
           I didn't really know WHO color craze was, so I thought she was Neon when I talked to her today. She told me she was Eclipse, and I explained the story. Electro will probably try to deny saying this... But why would she try to frame Eclipse?!
EDIT: There was a huge discussion about it, and Electro kept making up cockamamy stories like " Neon, we know you have 3 computers and 3 aj accounts! Just spill it!" And "Well we can't GET proof  of Eclipse being Neon because she'll only scan if me and this other girl are with her!" Then she told me "WHY DON'T YOU GET PROOF THAT ECLIPSE ISN'T NEON THEN!" Eventually I just logged out though. Brave, Eclipse, ElectroEX (EX means they're no longer an agent) and I were there. You can ask any of them (though Electro will probably deny it) if you need proof that these things were said.

Monday, 29 December 2014

New Boss/ Co-Boss Rule

           Heyo, it's Minty here! Cerise said I could post this later, and now IS later, so here it is. I thought up this idea and Cerise approved, it is that each boss/co-boss must (whenever they get called to a meeting or are going out scam watching or anything SWS related) wear something sparkly or moving, preferably a head item. Some examples are: Cerise's party hat, Minty (my) New Year's Hat, etc. The reason for this is so that you may kno what they are a boss or co-boss, and so they may have a token of their ranking. Mainly so that new agents may know who is boss and co-boss.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Agent Electro Fired + Co-Boss Election

Hey Jammers! Cerise here with some depressing news. Agent Electro got fired this evening. I wouldn't lie to you guys, so prepare for the long story of how it went down.

wowsersitsme was Electro's Operation Scamming School disguise. We were originally going to use this account as a decoy for the operation, before it was proven false.

Electro had unbuddied me on her main account, to give the impression she was offline. At the same time, I was logging onto my storage account to get some items out of it. My storage account was buddied with wowzersitsme, and to my surprise, it was online. I went to where it was, and it was calling for a giveaway for what was on it's list:

Seems unlikely to give away, right? Out of curoisity, I unbuddied it, got my items, then immediately went on another backup to go check it out. Electrobrownie, her main account, was at it's den. The giveaway started just fine. She said the first Jam-A-Gram she got would win the rare spiked wristband. Guess who the winner was? Electrobrownie. After that, she started the "giveaway" for the black long. This time, it was trusting. Well played Electro.

(I was the tiger)
I jumped out at her and called her out, saying she was fired, and wowzers left IMMEDIATELY.
Also, keep in mind that after she came back to the den and locked it, in hopes nobody else would come in and blow her cover.

As for now, Electro is fired. Melon is trying to help her overcome her urge to scam, but until then, she will remain fired.


On the bright side, the SWS is holding a co-boss election! Now that Shiver has quit, Minty is our only co-boss. The official co-boss vote will be held tomorrow. All agents that can make it must attend.

When - December 29th, 1:00 PM AJSWS Time
Where - ShadowclawXX's den

1:00 - 1:15 - Arriving
1:15 - 1:20 - Introduction
1:20 - 1:35 - Candidate Choosing
1:35 - 1:45 - Official Voting

That's all for now, Jammers! Stay safe and happy Jamming!

Draft Warning

Hey agents! Cerise here. I was searching through our post archive and saw that we have 50 draft posts.

We're going to do some Winter cleaning. I suggest all authors and admins on the blog go look at the posts and see if any of them are your's. If they are, please fix them and put the word FIXED in the title.

If they are not fixed by the end of the day, they will be deleted without warning.

If the post is unneeded, I will delete it myself.

Also, if you are uploading signatures for another agent, please put it on the graphics page.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Farewell Party

Hello fellow agents. Shiver here with probably my last post. Well, I've decided I've grown too old for Animal Jam and have decided to move on. My sister, Agent Shambles, will take over my account and continue to work for the SWS. If any of you are wondering if I'll come on just to say "hi", I'll certainly do so! Since I'm not the type to just disappear without notice, I'll be hosting a Farewell Party. Here are some more details:

Where: awsomewolfz745's den
When: December 28 at 2:00 p.m. (AJSWS TIME)
What to wear: Blue items

Since we're done with that, I'll give you the party schedule:

2:00-2:15: Arriving and chatting
2:15-2:20: Autographs
2:20-2:30: Farewell Feast
2:30-2:40: My farewell

Anyone is invited, even some of our fellow fans :3 And also, I will NOT be giving anything away because I am passing everything down to Shambles. I hope you can all make it, and I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

-Agent Shiver

Scammer Goldmine #26

Agent Fem found this den full of scammers, so credit to her.
Keep in mind, the den owner is Tokaii, 

Doing the flash trade scam

Doing the trust trade scam

Doing the trust trade scam

Doing the flash trade scam

Doing the "best trade wins ___" scam

Doing the trust trade scam

Doing the trust trade scam

Doing the trust trade scam

Doing the flash trade scam

Doing the trust trade scam

Doing the flash trade scam

Doing the "best trade wins ___" scam

The Children of Mira ended up raiding the den.

In the midst of the mob, Tokaii the den owner even admitted the party was meant for people to get scammed.


"trust me everybody here has scale at least once"

"i have scale before at least im not lying"

Friday, 26 December 2014


Alright, someone deleted my post, so here's a revision of it:

I'm quitting partly because I have literally no free time. My computer overheats due to viruses, and it's overall slow. The only other option is my tablet, and it doesn't run AJ well. The little time I have is normally spent roleplaying while being nagged by Cerise. So I'm pulling the "I'm a senior 4-Her with no time for this club, peace out" trick on you.(I COMMAND YOU TO FIND THAT FUNNY)

Now, the reason I kept my post to a few words was to keep from offending all of you idiots. I'll miss some of you guys. As for the rookies (not just the "official" ones), Go. Catch. Scammers. Participate in RS. And most of all, respect Cerise if it's one of the days she actually deserves your respect. I don't think the newbies are ALL dumb, they need support. And the ability to post. If one more senior agent ignores a rookie..

Goodbye, and make sure this society improves. A lot.


Wednesday, 24 December 2014

OPFAC Schedule


Hey Jammers! Cerise here. Guess what time it is? That's right, it's Christmas time! And you know what that means? It's time for us to give presents from OPFAC to New Jammers, member without many rares and non-members!

To join us on this event, read the information below:

Where - ShadowclawXX's den

When - December 25th

11:00 AM PST

2:00 PM EST

1:00 PM CST

12:00 PM MST

7:00 PM GST

(All agents must wear regular colored elf hats or reindeer masks, while co-bosses will wear hats and beards. Please do not change your animal's colors to match the hats)

See you there, Jammers! Keep in mind, if you missed, it, don't worry, because everything will be recorded and uploaded on the SWS YouTube channel the same day.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Secret Santa Event

SWS Christmas

Hey Jammers! Guess what? It's Christmas time! We're already going to be spoiling the New Jammers with gifts from OPFAC, so It's time the agents got some recognition! Our team has been helping out for almost a year now, the society's birthday coming up in late January. So I started this secret Santa event, just among the agents!

I made a list of all the agents, put them into and decided who will be getting a gift for what. The gift should be something valuable, and you have to find a gift for your agent by Christmas. You have about a week, so don't try and slack off with a necklace!

You can't tell anyone who you got. If I didn't tell you who you got yet, tell me and I'll let you know who you have to get a gift for. I made a storage for the SWS (not going to say the username). We're going to put the items on there so we can blindly exchange them on Christmas day. So remember to tell me when you find a gift!

Sunday, 14 December 2014

musicboxyo (Non-member)

This gal was calling for a spiked collar giveaway at her den. She had the green short on trade, but just to make sure, I went to her den. When she came back, she asked us to trust trade her.

After awhile, she went offline and someone said she scammed them.

Status: 1+ Harmed

LilacPeteli (Member)

This has been going on for a while. Lots of people reported on it... and I'm sort of sick of having to watch her scam. So, here it is with a LOT of research and proof, but I guess I'll try to make all this quick. Lilacpeteli was the one on berrytheprincess scamming. Her aj was known as : chocolate1180 which our crew (literally the whole crew) came to discuss this. She was the one who took my black spike which is how I found out about this whole blog. ( which is an amazing blog! ) I did a bunch of research on youtube and I found this video. Of course, the dislikes are from Lilac's youtubes. Derpy aj and lilacpeteli aj.
The description reads : Lilacpeteli looks nice, but in her heart, she is a no life hacker and scammer and more Lol XD. Low life stupid hacker.
The girl was given Lilac's backup. " She took my spike collar, top hat and den betas! ".
Lilac's ' story ' of Chocolate... although she confesses later.
This shows she was the one USING berry the whole while.
She confesses of taking the collars. A BUNCH of collars.
She confesses she is chocolate.
Im not gonna argyle ( argue ), I am Chocolate, yes. I am. Record. Ok but,
I'm done with all the proof, and please if you had a complaint before about Lilacpeteli, please, you may now stop leaving complaints and spamming us with complaints. That is the sad story of the scamming lilacpeteli. She apologized to me knowing I'm apart of scam watchers, but we are currently STILL getting complaints. :) So the case is closed. I only saw about 4 complaints, but according to Clover, there are more. Thank you Clovergoddess and Herobigs ( snowflake4532 too who was scammed off a black long by lilac ) for helping me figure all this out.

Status: Harmed 4+

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Why scammers scam!

Hey jammers! Violet here! I am here to inform you why jammers scam so often.
Here are a few reasons...
1. Someone scams them so then they scam a person to get there items back
2. They just want items so they can be rare
3. They do it because there friends want them to
4. They are bored
Those are some that I thought of myself!
Please don't delete is post cerise it is very helpful!

- agent Violet

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

howl1021 (Member)

This girl was sitting near the bridge in Jamaa Township, claiming she was quitting and giving away her stuff. But, as always, she asked for us to trade her and that the best trade would win.

It's pretty obvious she was scanning because she knew she had to "censor" the words "declined" and "best", as if she had done this before.
The only person trading her was her supposed scamming buddy, jjlovesdogs.

After a long argument with her, she finally gave up and left. Jj claimed that she had traded a long collar to try and convince us she wasn't a scammer, adding more evidence of being her scamming buddy.

Status: No One Harmed

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Another Anti-Scammer Society?

Hi Jammers! On Twitter, there is another person helping us take down scammers! Looks like we are not the other ones NOT supporting the scammers. @scamjams on Twitter reports scammers and posts pictures too. All you need to do is message them a scammer name and they'll post it ( don't forget the proof too ).
Looks legit. The person is from Dallas Texas and seems to get her scammer ideas from other people who have been scammed ( like me ). She does NOT take ANY posts down for any reason to show that they have been a scammer and maybe won't even change. I met her before on animal jam and interviewed her.
Here is the Interview. <--- Click here.

We wish you luck @scamjams! Looks like we aren't alone agents! I fully support scamjams and I hope the jammer supports us too! ~Agent Cali