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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

zebra10204 (Member)

Apparently this guy was holding a trade list giveaway at her den. After we waited for her, she cleared her trade and replaced it with a corn maze prize.

Of course, she started telling us to trust her.


After awhile, she got sick of us and locked the den.

Status: Unknown


  1. Cerise, I made a picture for you on my blog (
    ~Fem (too lazy to sign in, I will sign in when I comment again)

  2. idk if you guys have seen this person, and I know I have no proof. This person in Aldan is going around mulitple times and succeeding in scamming. (excuse my typing, im rushing)
    This person's user is alexfromtarget123. They said it was a talent (and that's an idiotic thought) and they scammed many times. Keep a lookout...