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Thursday, 13 November 2014

xxsockxx (Member)

I was bored one morning, so decided to go on a scam watch, and found someone saying they were having a giveaway at their den. (I didn't get a screenshot of their advertising)

 She came in after awhile, acting all nice, and asked what we wanted,

"One lucky person", eh?

She was offering her trade list.

She also stalled a lot.
Eventually, she said the reason she was doing this was because her founder had been scammed, and she was quitting because of that.

She asked how our Halloween was multiple times. Stalling or what?

She eventually told us to trade her. (Note Mythical replying to her question about Halloween)

This doesn't say you won't scam..

 Eventually, she flat-out said that this was about trust.

I'm not sure if anyone was scammed.. Anyways, make sure to watch out for her and any others who seem like a scammer!


Peace! -Agent Noggy


  1. Can I please join? I know how to take screenshots, and I can send them to you. Just give me credit for catching them, though. :P

    1. It's closed at the moment but I'm sure they'll open up soon!

  2. i was at one of these once, and the person kept stalling and logging out and once they left for like 5 minutes and said they were eating. They also said they were part of a donation crew lol yeah right.