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Friday, 28 November 2014

Xxkirrlinexx + Aowsomewolf; The rudest slobs on AJ

Hey guys! Agent Shiver here with two rude slobs Cotton found on AJ. Cotton got a whole video of Xxkirllinexx bashing her about being a non member, but my film wasn't working so I took photos from the actual video. Anyways, the link to the actual vid is here:

So, if you don't wanna watch the video, I'll explain what was going on. So first, Cotton was in the Jamaa Township trolling on about Miley Cyrus and how she loves her. I do this all the time in Sarepia; I wouldn't be alarmed. Then, Xxkirrlinexx comes along and starts bashing Cotton about how she loves Miley and that she's making fun of her. Then, Xxkirrlinexx started a huge drama queen fight.

These are photos of the actual vid, so sorry if they're pixely!
Anyways, Xxkirrlinexx and her "boyfriend" Aowsomewolf showed up with Cotton at Kimbara. Cotton wanted me to back her up, so I asked what was happening and they said this to me…

They called me the "b" word. I told them, "You seem tense." And they stopped talking. Hah! Anyways, Xxkirrlinexx has a backup with a ton of spikes and a founder on it. I would consider her a hacking suspect or a scammer as well as a brat.

This is also footage of Cotton's vid… Kirrlline is her beta backup.
Anyways, Cotton got super mad at the people, and so I just logged off. I have nothing against Cotton, but she overreacted as well… Anyways, please report these people for being bullies, for bad language, and for being just plain inappropriate. Thanks!
-Agent Shiver


  1. Yeah, i did overreact. BUT THANKS SO MUCH FOR HELPING ME :) Finally we can get these scammers/hackers and brats off aj!

    1. No problem, and no harm done! They totally deserved it!
      -Agent Shiver

  2. Reposting this on Society AM

  3. i just need to express my anger: PEOPLE WHO CRITICIZE BASED ON WEALTH OR SOMETHING YOU CANT CONTROL ARE JUST A BUNCH OF IAELWGFYWEIRGFUYSEGFILYEG (insert censored words here) YOU CANT JUST JUDGE SOMEONE LIKE THAT! >>>>>>>>:(((((((( if i meet these people, they are REALLY going to get it from me. AT LEAST THE REST OF US ARENT SPOILED BRATS


  4. I'm so glad I wasn't there. I would have turned almost everything they said against them, and it would have escelated quickly.

  5. WOW probably scammed all of those

    -Agent Freedom

  6. i acually think it was not bullying she was protecting her side, witch i watched her vid that she was trolled and she over reacted. This page is stupid, every one makes mistakes.