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Monday, 3 November 2014

The Moment You've All Been Waiting For..

Hey Jammers! Cerise here! Now, you all know about the "big event" that I've been hinting at for the past few weeks. Well, now all that waiting has paid off.


Man, it feels like just yesterday we had our 10,000 views party! We've come a long way, and we couldn't have done it without fans and agents who supported us all this way.

Anyways, onto the party info!

At the party, LOTS of updates will be announced! LOTS! If you don't make it, that's fine, because the updates will be posted on the blog the very same day.
Several agents will be promoted to higher ranks, and new features will be announced.

Two things that have been done before in the society will be done again, but better than ever!

The agents will have have tournaments, and prizes will be given out. We will have giveaways for the fans only, so you have a chance to win an item!

Shiver, Minty, Zee and I will be DJing on the chat room if you wanna listen to some music while you party! After we play some self-selected songs, we'll start taking song requests!

It's gonna be huge! But now onto the REAL party info!

Why? -- The SWS has reached 50,000 pageviews!

Where? -- ShadowclawXX's (Agent Cerise) den

When? -- Saturday November 8th @ 2:30 AJSWS TIME. The time is shown to the left of this post.

Well, that's all for now, Jammers! I hope to see you at the party! Stay safe and happy Jamming!


  1. I'll be there!
    -Lexey (I'm having loging in problems)

  2. I THINK I can come. Just saying, me and A LOT of other people have commented on joining, and no reply :(

    1. Same, I deleted it though because I never got any reply.

    2. If you all want to try out, contact me on AJ: awsomewolfz745 (yes I spelt 'awsome" wrong, I has only 9!). Sorry for such late notice, we're usually trying to get the requests answered! After all, this is a packed business here, but I'm sure there's plenty of room for you guys to join the family. See you soon!
      Agent Shiver

    3. Ok, thank you! I am on almost everyday so I will try when I am online.

    4. Okay, but it seems you are never online at the same time as me... can you just email me about it?

  3. WOOT WOOT! HUGE thanks to ALL the fans out there who supported us with this! I can't wait to meet you all and party with you on my DJ soundtrack I've been working on in the chat box. Can't wait!
    -Agent Shiver

  4. Ya'll have been awesome fans! Its because of you! Were so lucky to get 50,000 page views! Like Cerise said, I remember when we had our first 10,000 page views, and I thought that was a lot! We've gotten so far. I've realized we never say it, But thank you too the agents. Now that I think about it I haven't heard a thank you in awhile.. So here it is. Thank you!

  5. Beautiful new blog look!

    As much as I'd love to come, I am unable to do so. I hope you will send my best wishes to all the other agents and congratulate them for all their efforts. Also, Cer, congratulations. You make a good leader. Despite all the betrayals and liars, you still persisted to continue running the SWS group, even if that means that you should push your scammer "friends" backwards. I'm proud of you, Cerise. Congratulations on the 10,000 views.

  6. I remember when i first joined the SWS... I was SOOO happy i got in :3 - Brave (so excited for the party)

  7. is AM or PM cuz if its am I can't make it but if its pm then i can come hopefully


  9. I can't make it to the party either. I have to go to a really big party irl (aka another wedding). Ya, lots of weddings recently. XD

    But like Rainbow already said, Cerise... How to put this? You are... amazing. Even when this blog was almost literally torn apart, you (and the other agents of course) kept it alive. And now 10k views. Wow. (And is it a coincidence that you posted this a few hours after I followed this blog? x3)

    Cheers to the AJSWS! :D

    1. is it the year for weddings?

      lots of my cousins or distantly related family are getting married this year. O.o


  10. OMG you have the best music on here :D ~NyanX