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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Sorry guys!

Hey guys! I am sorry I don't post often. But this is how sws treats me like...

1. Don't tell me what's going on
2. My posts always gets turned into drafts
3. No one treats me with respect excelt a few jammers
For example: At the party in the chat I was getting frustrated because the I couldn't hear the YT player and then a jammer says LOOKS LIKE SHE NEEDS TO GO TO A MENTAL HOSTIPITAL. 

Really guys???
I try to help as much as I can. I help with recovery services, and I go to meetings and then when I go to them everyone just doesn't even say hi to me. I try to help with everything else also I think the width of this blog to wide because when I go to read the posts( which I can't) anymore the blog glitches!

- Violet 
I'm sorry but still...


  1. I'm sorry that happens! It must be hard dealing with that.

  2. I've also noticed the draft part. I go on the SWS, RATH, and AJW blog daily and in the middle of the day. I've seen you post but a few minutes later the post is gone.

  3. Hey Violet! I'm sorry that we treat you like that, but I've got an explanation for 2. Awhile back, Cerise posted something about how posts should be set up. If they weren't set up correctly, she said they shall be turned into a draft without explanation. I'm guessing you never saw this post, so if you're curious to see it, you can go to "Posting Rules" page at the top. Also, whoever said you needed to go to a mental hospital, they need to know that that's obviously rude. I'm gonna find who said that and teach 'em a lesson. I sure do hope you never think I treat you like this! If I do, I'm very deeply sorry and, no need for you to be sorry! I'm always here to help you feel at home!
    -Agent Shiver

  4. I've seen quite a few posts on here with someone saying that they don't feel like they are included in things or feel involved and imho, I think there is way to many people who join on here. Like it's awesome that that many people want to post and help out but it just kind of sets it up for people to either be left out of things or for people to pick favorites, y'know? Anyway, I hope stuff gets sorted out with this blog and rath. I hate to see people leave because they don't feel welcome or ignored.
    -Mod Gulo

  5. I'm sorry about what's been happening for you, but things have been a little tricky for me. We've been having so many people signing up, agents getting fired, drama everywhere. Plus, we are doing a lot of transitioning right now, so I apologize if it seems if I am ignoring you.
    And to add on to what Shiver said, I keep reverting your posts to drafts because they don't follow the posting rules.

  6. Well, well. This has been a big issue for you for a long time, Vi, and apparently, nothing got better.

    As a newbie, I think that the drafts are posts that are incorrect, as Agent Shiver and Agent Cerise stated.

    Well, then, if no one tells you what's going on, I wonder how you got into every meeting. Sometimes, they don't tell you not because they don't trust you. It may have been confidential.

    About respect... Well, you were at a party, yet you're watching a YT video? Or something? Maybe you could leave either one behind to follow up with one.

    Don't forget- not every Jammer says hi. Sometimes, they may not even be "online". Cerise often do that to me. If I say hi, she's doing something else and eventually logs out.

    Again, if you can't view this blog, I hope you see this comment, Vi!