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Monday, 10 November 2014

Newsflash: Agent Rover Fired

Hello Jammers. Cerise here. Today, we held trials for one of our own agents; Agent Rover. One night, Zee caught him attempting a scam, and he blamed his brother. Yesterday, while doing adventures, he disrespected Agent Shiver and lied so he could keep his rare bow and arrows he got, breaking the SWSRS guidelines. After the trials today, his sentence has been decided as banishment. 

Right now, his whereabouts are unknown.

That's all for now, Jammers. Stay safe and happy Jamming!


  1. Also, something not mentioned at the trials was that he threatened me :( Since he's fired I guess I can tell you.
    At the end of all the meetings he would go to my den and say, your a non member, you have NO USE, sws was amazing before you came beach :l and he also said, if u tell cerise i said this, i WILL hack you...
    and he scared me like anything, he said he would stalk me in real life, it was all so scary, and i was so gullible I never told anyone :(
    ~ Dashie Doodle doo (dashie1234, agent dashie)

    1. I feel sorry for you. He had punishments to do adventures, and Rover well I guess ''mocked'' a non-member that was with us.

    2. poor dashieee!!!!!! im going to talk to this dude... i was a NM once too, and i was no less 'useful.'

      non member desrve the same amount of RESPECT as members! (sorry, its just i have strong feelings for this topic. when i was an nm this dude teased me lots (leon6200) and he was a total bully. i was threatened and bullied. then, he ignored me thankfully. recently he came up to me and then started be FRIENDLY because i was MEMBER!!! so i went with it and he told me to record some roleplay idea of his. and i did. then he told me to upload it. of course i didnt though.. XD)

      (shadow- wow i use brackets alot)

    3. That's mested up! Some people are just really hateful.

  2. Why was i fired? Reply ASAP please.

  3. goodbye rover :( maybe he would of been good with 1 more chance

  4. What's Rover username?

  5. :O i just saw rover but he was acting average then usual rlly he was just sitting there and saying nothing.... i will still watch him