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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Fang Tracking

Hey Electro here!
I saw Fang and Jumbo on so of course I decided to go follow them. Right as I got to where they were (racingsky's den) Fang said she had to go. Later Jumbo told me she just didn't want to be around me.
Up Above is anitaswagger9832 saying that Fang is famous and that Fang is her BFF..
Above, racingsky is saying that their trusting. Earlier she was trusting with Fang, another friend of Fang's that I say we keep track of.
above is Racingsky's main. 
Major Rockyjoy is Jumbo telling me that Racingsky is a scammer and duchess is her main. Duchess says she would, "Never scammer" Sure..
Then duchess tells me that her sister (anitaswagger9832) is scared I'm gonna hack her...

^ racingsky's sister
I remember seeing this person trust with fang before..
a couple days later I look up racingsky..... and look what i find. 

Well, happy scam catching! -electro


  1. Racingsky still plays, it's just a new glitch that I found out about right after the update. I got really confused at first but it will get back to normal when she gets online again.

  2. Also, was Fang the one with the Scam School blog or was that someone else?

  3. Its because if you havent played during or after the polar bear update, your playercard is grey untill you log in
    speaking of which i think it was the most glitchy update ever o,o