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Saturday, 15 November 2014

100x1000 (Non-Member)

Hosted a trust party. I got a video for proof-

Status: Unknown


  1. Saw this dude earlier saying that they accept all friend requests. Bit odd if you ask me.
    -Mod Gulo

  2. I wonder if this could be 500x500? The Mace tail was recently traced to his account. I got proof if u want it.

    1. The do have an unusually low amount of achievements for some of the more sought after items they have, plus the similar username. So it could be possible?
      -Mod Gulo

    2. People may have similar usernames to:
      1) Throw you off
      2) Just a fan :T
      I'm leaning towards that they have something intertwined, and back to reason 1. If someone tries to throw you off track of a hunt or other, it's because they're doing something bad. I'll want to see the mace tail while I do some research taco.
      -Agent Shiver