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Saturday, 25 October 2014

SWS Newsflash

Hey guys! Shiver here with a weirdo named Disapproval Brave and Zee caught at 9's (who I think is 7) den. Zee and Brave claimed that he threatened to hack someone who was making him mad, and also swore at them. Not just that, but look at Disapproval's trade list and achievements. 

I'm thinking he either IS a hacker, or has a member/beta profile. 

Later, Brave finally got Disapproval to admit to his rudeness, so he definitely did do all those things… Btw, when it says, "said i will take ppl stuff" above, the "i" before "said" got cut off. 
I'm just thinking we should investigate 9's den for scammers and hackers; also because I think he's 7. Derp. For those of you that may have not seen my earlier post (like 4 months ago), I would like to show it to you.

Yes, this is what 9's den looked like not too long ago. Other than that, I have some disappointing news…

It all started like an hour ago, I had followed Moon to alex0105's den, and I was confronted with scammers and hackers. Not too long ago, Electro spotted aref49 at Crystal Sands with a stone sword. Well guess what? He was there.

I, myself, saw Fyrestone trusting not too long ago at Teirney's Aquarium.

Sounds familiar, eh?

Oh god, don't get me started...

 All these people were caught there scamming. Even WootMoo was there! Apparently this is the new goldmine; the disappointing part? Moon sat there talking to scammer/hackers like they were her buddies, and was even trading some of them. She sat there doing nothing while WootMoo ran off with the bunny in the bottom of the WootMoo picture's beta tail… Also, for the love of fudge, neonbow was helping...

Also, I've got some good news out of this. I heard some scammers in alex's den talking about SouthMoon. They said 44bunny has her new file. I looked it up and sure enough it looked quite suspicious. Since I've gathered all this information, I am awaiting a talk with Cerise about Moon; and about trials for her… Also, I am hoping we can add alex0105's den to the scammer goldmine map and continue to explore 9's den and 44bunny. That's all for today, cya!
-Agent Shiver


  1. electro got em, not i! just saying.

  2. Fyrestone i think was that guy that was at double's den when we tracked them not long ago. Not surprised to see he tries to scam too.
    -Mod Gulo

  3. Minus what happened with Moon, I am very exited about all of this new information. I'm sure it'll really help at RATH.

    1. Yeah, I tried my best to help pretty much all our allies with this.

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  6. Replies
    1. Oh please no God, not more trolls… What hell awaits us? Anyways, what did he say?

    2. Who's moon? And yeah, what did he say?

    3. Moon is a rookie, and WHAT DID HE SAY XD

    4. What happened with moon though?

    5. Oh, she was caught trading some scammers. And plus, she didn't say or do anything while they scammed. OH AND SHE WAS BUDDIES WITH ONE :O:

  7. OMG, when RATH members were spying on some scammers in that thing RATH did a few days ago, Fyrestone was at Doublevision's den, and a few other people with stone swords, too. They were saying how "Double is a good and awesome Jammer"! (Nolan15212 said that, over and over again, so I'm guessing he's also DoubleVision)
    Also, a participant who was at Double's den went to firestone's den, and said he was talking about the AJHQ FireWall!
    This has Hacker written all over it, considering all the people with stone swords hang out. Also, they claim that "Insomniak was banned. He was mean to his friends, or so I've heard." :I
    Just cut it out Fyrestone, you're SO obvious!
    Also, Asnep IS DoubleVision, he said he was and on his YouTube sometimes he was Asnep.
    Skrunchiez showed up, and Briarrose02 also claimed she was recording, but I doubt it.
    DoubleVision apparently reads RATH, and "He's a little kid. He doesn't know how to hack."
    Duke56038 also showed up, idk who that ish, but was asking ppl to Trust Trade him..
    Also, GlitchedCookies was there, and I just now went to his den then he locked it in half a second. O,O

  8. Mustacher4567 was also there, and he's super beta AND has a Stone Sword!
    Another suspect of mine, MissTinyFlower101, was at his den when I went there today, along with mustacher.
    (MissTinyFlower101 is my suspect because DoubleVision and their "Gang" was at her den once)

  9. i was there but i just followed everyone to alex's den